Fiscal Policy

Click here to listen to a (very rough) version of the song. The guitar parts are fine, the vocals need to be re-recorded when I have time. You have been fairly warned!
The rhythm guitar and (obviously) the vocals are me. The lead guitar was played by Evan Hadley.

Joseph Murrell recently released a YouTube video of the song.

Spend more than you earn
You could be the President.
Spend at every turn
For the more you get the richer you'll be,
So buy more than you need.
You know you couldn't call it greed
When the Government's promising no collection -
At least until the next election.

So spend whatever's there,
It's good for the economy.
Be a millionaire,
And your credit card will fill in the gap.
Times they won't get rough.
So fill your house with all the cool stuff -
Oh, prudence! That's just so old fashioned.
Next you'll be telling me money's rationed -

No! Look at those who rule -
Wealthy every one of them.
Taxes just aren't cool.
And it's just your money they're try'n to give back
And give it back they will.
You must have had that rebate thrill
So there's honestly no reason not to borrow -
Unless you care about tomorrow

And one day it will come,
Then it's gonna stay awhile.
When the party's done
And our children and grandchildren pick up the tab,
And they can't even vote.
Reminds me of a taxation quote -
They didn't get no representation,
Did they say you could squander their education?

Hey, what's it gonna cost?
What'll be the interest rate?
When the money's lost
Tell me, how will you sell all those treasury bills?
Say - what's your long-term plan?
Or shall we fix things while we can?
I'm tired of hearing the oil men fudge it.
Stop burning the future and balance the budget.

Dominic Widdows

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