Of course, as I have reread the book in its physical form, typographic errors have begun to leap out. Some of these appear in depressing clumps where clearly the final proof-reading wasn't as thorough as it should have been, for which the fault is entirely my own.

If you find other errors please contact me (and thanks to those who already have done so).

Chapter 3

p. 68. Bottom line: "as in in Figure 3.2." → "as in Figure 3.2."
p. 74. line 9: "relationships" → "relationship"
p. 80. diagram: "material, immaterial, material, immaterial" → "sensitive, insensitive, rational, irrational"
p. 82. line 19: "hypernym of fruit" → "hyponym of fruit"
p. 83. box line 3: "relationships" → "relationship"
p. 88. lines 18-19: "a lexical knowledge base called WordNet" → "the WordNet knowledge base"
p. 93. line 9: "is true for all w" → "is true for all s"

Chapter 4

p. 121. Footnote: "a noun or (more general nominal)" → "a noun (or more general nominal)"

Chapter 5

p. 133. section heading: "5.1. What are Vectors" → "5.1. What are Vectors?"
p. 147. footnote 5: "Matrices grew out of an an 1858 memoir" → "Matrices grew out of an 1858 memoir"

Chapter 6

p. 168. Table 6.1., left hand column: The neighbours quoted are those from the NYT WORDSPACE model, not the BNC model shown at the top of Figure 6.1.

Chapter 8

p. 264. line 10: "logician and philosopher Charles Pierce" → "logician and philosopher Charles Peirce"
p. 281. Figure 8.14, bottom line: "ba1 = a2" → "ba1 = a2"
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